Creative Photoshoots

Natalia Fox MUAH
Natalia Fox MUAH

In addition to my location portraiture I also love to indulge my creative side by actively working with models, other photographers and studios on creative photoshoots, which are totally for my own personal indulgence. These are creative photoshoots and enable me to enhance my skills in a low-risk way, try out new ideas, practise new techniques and ever improve my photographic and post processing skill.

I have a particular interest in producing images with a vintage look to them, be it the black and white elegance of  old Hollywood or the  bright, colourful cheekiness of 1940’s/1950’s pin up.

To this end I have worked with models on shoots at a friend’s studio in Blackpool, and also hired models locally for a medieval story telling shoot. You can see some of the results in my blog posts.

I have an account on Purpleport, a model/photographer portfolio website. If you are a model, MUA, studio or photographer and interested in collaborating with me, please get in touch!

Current shoot projects and interests:

  • Vintage Hollywood glamour (early Hollywood 1920’s/30’s) – black and white
  • Audrey Hepburn style Hollywood elegance – black and white
  • Marilyn Monroe style 1950’s colour images
  • 1940’s/1950’s cheeky pin up style
  • Medieval/fantasy storytelling.