Autumn photoshoot washout!

Autumn colours
Autumn photoshoot

Autumn colours are amazing, all hues from bright yellow to deep red, and it happens once a year, about now, and creates the most beautiful backdrop for natural portrait photography unfortunately the window is short lived, so far I’d not managed to get any outdoor portrait images like this in my portfolio, though I had a lot of them in my mind’s eye!!

I called on Sara a local willing model to see if she wanted to help me create some beautiful autumn portraits to enhance my portfolio and also add to hers. We arranged a time and went down to a local park.

After a brief scouting walk around the park we settled into the shoot.. just as a few raindrops started to fall. Luckily Sara had a large, and very, very cool umbrella to hand.

The light was very dim and as I didn’t have an assistant to work a reflector for me I just had to work with the little light available, trying to position Sara in the best way to catch the best light, as I didn’t want to risk a flashgun in the threatening rain.

We rushed through a few locations and a couple of slight costume changes before the deluge started only 15-20 minutes after I started shooting, and we ran back to the cars. Unfortunately the weather set in so many of the locations that I’d earmarked for potential shots did not get shot. I got a few images but not as many as I’d hoped. The ones I got I processed in a slightly different way to show up the vivid colours and make images that belied the dim light. The grey, cloudy skies weren’t going to take away from my autumn colour shoot!

I would like to return in a couple of weeks, hopefully the glorious Autumn colours will still be around and the weather will be crisp, with beautiful low sun and clear skies…. one can wish!