Going into an imaginary fantasy land!

On Saturday I had a great  fantasy photoshoot with a couple of wonderful models and my friend Paul Harris in the woods in Wanstead Park. I had seen the model Savra’s portfolio on Purpleport, in which she mentioned that she had lots of costumes including medieval style outfits. She also poses with her boyfriend Alex (otherwise known as Sappheiros on Purpleport) and together they have medieval style costumes and props.

This formed a little idea in my head to try to shoot a storyboard, the typical good vs evil fight, set in a medieval style fantasy world. This was not a style of shooting I’d tried before but I was keen to give it a go.  So I booked Savra and Sappheiros and asked my friend Paul to help me on the shoot as I thought it would be good to have his experience along to help out.  I had a very clear idea set in my head and I drew up a very detailed shoot plan which I shared with everyone before the day.

So the day came and it was very sunny and bright. This created very difficult lighting conditions, especially since I wanted to shoot with natural light as there were large bright spots and deep shadows.  We wandered in to the woods and soon found an area full of bluebells (though they were nearly over unfortunately) and thought it would make a good setting for my mad ideas. We set to work, Sappheiros donned his costume of chainmail and grabbed his sword and Paul donned a cloak and dagger in order to very convincingly play the bad guy.

It was great fun and we all had a good laugh, so much so it was hard for me to keep the camera still and for the models/actors to pull of the required serious faces.

It took about an hour for me to shoot all the scenes I wanted for the story, then after that we went to a local quiet graveyard to take some more “normal” shots.

So here we are, this is the story board. I’ve processed them in a particular way to keep the theme running through and make them slightly dreamlike befitting the fantasy. I may well re-edit the set in the future if I decide to change the processing on them to look even more like a fantasy land.

In addition to these story-board photos I also took a few “safer” more standard shots.