Irida – bohemian style

BohemianAbout a week ago I had the pleasure of working with Irida,  a model and professional tennis coach (former professional tennis player) from Walthamstow. Irida had put a casting call on Purpleport (a model/photographer/artist site for building artistic collaborations) asking for a photographer to do a 1960’s inspired shoot. I replied as even though I couldn’t make the weekend she suggested I had wanted to do a 1960’s style shoot for a while, particularly themed on a bohemian style, like the beatniks and hippies.  Irida replied suggesting a different day, and was willing to collaborate with me which was great news.

I called my friend Paul, to help out with the shoot and we met at 4pm on one of the hottest days of the year, near Waltham Abbey.  We went into some meadows first, unfortunately mostly mown, so we had to go quite near some ponds to get the long grass I was after, Paul’s tripod came in very handy to test the ground for stability, as we didn’t want to end up in the water!

We shot for around an hour in the full heat of the sun in the meadow, but Irida never complained and was up for trying any of the ideas we had. She also changed outfits several times from huge suitcase she had with her, enabling lots of different looks. We were even treated to the sight of a barn owl circling over the field next to us for at least 5 minutes. I was very surprised to see one out in the day time, though unfortunately couldn’t get a shot of it with my 24-70, and it didn’t quite come close enough to feature in the photoshoot!

We moved into the woods next for a few shots on a bridge and near a standing stone before going back into the town to the gardens and then to a pub for a (soft) drink break which was well needed.

Despite the harsh light I shot completely natural light, only aided occasionally by a reflector, which was more often used as a shade than actually as a reflector. Here’s a few of my shots from what we all considered a very successful (if exhausting) shoot.