Model shoot weekend in Blackpool

Natalia Fox MUAH
Natalia Fox MUAH

A couple of weekends ago, some photographer friends and I went up to Blackpool for a weekend of shooting with a couple of fantastic models at the Flash Bang Wallop photo studio, run by a friend of mine.  The two booked models  for the model shoot were professional makeup artist  and model Natalia Fox and full-time model Milly Evans, two very different looks but equally amazing girls to shoot. We also shot in different ways with the two models over the two days, with Natalia there was more 1-1 time and with Milly the four of us shot in a “round robin” style with one person setting up each set and then each of us having 5 mins to shoot different pose, taking it in turns to set up the set.

Natalia, Hollywood Style

To shoot with Natalia I teamed up with another photographer who like me, wanted to try to emulate some Hollywood glamour style images reminiscent of the early hollywood days up to the 1950s and we shot in tandem for two hours trying to create a feel from that era with me leading with great help from Doug the studio owner and shooting first and then gaining ideas from the second photographer’s modifications of my setup it worked really well for us to bounce ideas back and forth and also in discussion with Natalia who is a fan of the imagery of that era too.

It is a difficult genre to emulate without the same lighting equipment used back then (and also when it’s your first try), we attempted to recreate the look using modern lighting modifiers on flash based lighting, where it would have most likely been achieved with continuous stage-style in the original images.  As it was very much a learning experience for me and a chance to try out some techniques that I cannot ordinarily try as I don’t have my own studio, I think it was a very worthwhile shoot.

I also upped my editing game, learning new techniques and experimenting with other styles of post production to really make the images pop and give them the look I was after with a modern nod to the original style we were trying to emulate.

Milly, Edgy Fashion Style

The shoot with Milly (Facebook profile link) was a slightly more straightforward fashion style shoot, we decided collectively to shoot mostly on grey as it’s such a versatile colour background and also shows up colour really well. However we also shot a few on a bright yellow background and with just modelling lights on to create a softer style.

Milly knows the poses that’s for sure and did a fantastic job, using her own outfits and also a couple of outfits from Cheryl Maries Boutique. Although shooting with Milly was a bit more of a whirlwind than the shoot with Natalia was, she was very accommodating and easy to work with, and has a unique look that is extremely sexy  but with a harder edge. I still tried to bring out the softer side though to get my own slant and include some headshot portraits! Again I experimented with the post-processing style to give some a different slant on the look.