Outdoor Location Shoot

head shot

On Sunday I had the pleasure of photographing Sharif in a natural outdoor location. Sharif is an aspiring actor and needed some good photographs for his portfolio, including headshots and various other styles.

He wanted some natural looking images that showed him in a few different costumes.  We chose Sunday late morning for the shoot…. and it turned out to be the hottest and sunniest day of the year so far. Very challenging conditions with bright sun, and harsh shadows.

Before the shoot I decided to keep it simple, use a prime lens (my excellent Nikon 85mm F1.8G) with my trusty D700 and just use natural light and  a reflector as I had help in the shape of my friend Paul who could position it for me (not easy to do when working alone) – in the end it was mostly used as shade rather than a reflector, as with the bright sun the reflection was too strong.

I pulled on all I’d learned in my natural light photography training sessions to aid in my quest for natural and beautiful lighting on the shots – finding suitable shade and watching the light direction carefully.  It was also helpful having Paul there to bounce ideas around too, since I’m less experienced with posing males he could help in that respect! Friendly interaction and experimentation worked best for producing natural looking shots that showed Sharif in a variety of different ways.

Sharif was very friendly, easy to work with and photogenic, he kept his cool as well and didn’t allow the heat and probably discomfort to show in the images.  Despite the less than easy conditions we were able to work up some good images for his portfolio.

Despite not being  one of the most expensive lens in Nikon’s line up the 85mm F1.8G is sharp as sharp can be and shooting with a wide aperture in the way I did for this session produces beautiful backgrounds to get the lovely dappled blur (as seen in the headshot especially) I really enjoy using it, and in partnership with the D700 is a brilliant combination for these sorts of natural shoots I was glad I made the decision to use this lens for the entire shoot.

The outdoor location shoot with Sharif also reconfirmed my love of this style of photography and cemented it as something I want to do far more of. Please contact me if you want a location photoshoot with m,e I would be more than happy to oblige!

Here’s a few more images from the shoot.